Urology Tables

“Explore Durabuilt Medical’s Urology Tables, expertly crafted for precision and efficiency in urologic and abdominal cavity image-guided procedures. Our tables feature a cantilevered design, ideal for accommodating both portable and ceiling-suspended C-Arms, and are equipped with a wider front leg stance for superior patient access.

Designed with patient care in mind, our urology tables comfortably support bariatric patients, while the extensive radiolucent area ensures full fluoroscopic visualization, enhancing diagnostic accuracy. The functional design not only offers unobstructed C-Arm positioning but also minimizes radiation exposure to clinicians, prioritizing safety during procedures.

Our Urology C-Arm Tables boast advanced power motions, including motorized actuation of height, X-Y, lateral roll, and Trendelenburg movements. The intuitive handheld and foot-operated controllers allow for quick and safe tabletop adjustments from any point around the table, ensuring seamless operation during critical phases of a procedure.

Further enhancing their versatility, these tables come with optional lightweight, non-imaging patient transfer extensions, and radiolucent extensions for vascular, cardiac, and other general C-Arm applications. Customize your table with a selection of knee crutches, stirrups, standard arm boards, or rail clamps to meet your specific procedural requirements.

Durabuilt Medical’s Urology Tables represent the pinnacle of innovation and functionality in medical equipment, designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s healthcare professionals. Discover how our tables can transform your urologic procedures, combining patient comfort with unparalleled operational efficiency.”

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