8000 HLT Imaging Table

3 Movements: Adjustable Height, Lateral, Trendelenburg
Industry’s Largest Adjustable Height

Durabuilt Medical Tables: Uncompromising Quality for Every Diagnostic Need

Durabuilt Medical 8000 HLT X-Ray Table is synonymous with cutting-edge innovation and unwavering commitment to quality in the world of diagnostic imaging tables. Since 1997, we’ve been engineering tables that empower healthcare professionals to deliver precise diagnoses and optimal patient care.

Unmatched Features for Superior Imaging 8000 HLT X-Ray Table:

  • Industry-leading Cantilever Design: Our unique cantilever base creates a vast metal-free zone, eliminating image interference and boosting diagnostic accuracy.

  • Carbon Fiber Tabletops: Experience exceptional radiolucency with our carbon fiber tops, ensuring clear X-ray penetration for every exam.

  • Exceptional Height Adjustability: From low-profile loading for bariatric patients to elevated positioning for comfortable standing work, Durabuilt tables adapt to any need.

  • Unmatched Weight Capacity: With a 650-lb weight limit, our tables safely accommodate a diverse range of patients.

  • Intuitive Controls: Both hand and foot controls offer effortless table adjustments, streamlining workflow and enhancing user comfort.

A Diverse Range of Tables for Every Specialty:

Durabuilt doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand the unique demands of every medical field, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of tables designed for:

  • C-Arm Procedures: Precise positioning and optimal C-arm access are crucial for successful fluoroscopy. Our C-arm tables deliver both with confidence.

  • Bariatric Imaging: Safely and comfortably accommodate larger patients with our sturdy, high-capacity tables.

  • Urology: Streamline urological exams with tables specifically designed for patient comfort and procedure accessibility.

  • Pain Management: Enhance patient comfort and treatment efficacy with tables tailored for pain management procedures.

Durabuilt: Your Partner in Diagnostic Excellence

Choosing Durabuilt means choosing uncompromising quality, innovative design, and unwavering dedication to patient care. We are confident that our tables will exceed your expectations and empower you to deliver the best possible diagnostic outcomes.

  • Bariatric rated at 650 lbs patient capacity – so we have the highest weight capacity at the best price.
  • Also moves lower than other tables – for example, our table allows you to load patients without a stool making it safer for large patients.
  • Moves higher than other tables – as a result, our tables extreme height adjustment and ergonomic design contributes to relaxed working even during longer procedures, while standing or sitting. Great for tall physicians!
  • Our warranty is longer and more comprehensive than any other table – in other words, we are confident in our products.
  • Innovative Cutting Edge Base Design – Allows More C-Arm access, so the C-Arm will not hit low profile base.
  • Hand & foot control that subsequently controls ALL table movements.
  • Carbon Fiber table top – Lowest attenuation tabletop-less scatter radiation, noticeably better images.
  • Composite top option for tighter budgets – Options for all budgets!
  • 2″ thick premium foam table pad – Assures patient comfort during extended procedures.
  • Multi-purpose tops available for Pain/Vascular/Urology/Ortho
  • Minimum table height: 24 3/4″
  • Maximum table height: 42 1/2″
  • Lateral tilt range left: 15º
  • Lateral tilt range right: 15º
  • Trendelenburg: 15º
  • Reverse Trendelenburg: 15º
  • Table pad: 2″ high density foam
  • Table Top Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Table Top Dimensions: Choice of tops
  • Table Finish: Powder Coat
  • Power: 115 V or 220 V
  • Lift Capacity: 650 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 650 lbs evenly distributed
  • Controls: Hand Control works ALL movements
  • Patient Restraints: 2 Included
  • Casters: Locking heavy duty non-marking casters
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