What is a C-Arm Table?

A C-arm table is a specialized piece of medical equipment used in conjunction with a C-arm imaging system for procedures that require real-time X-ray guidance. C Arm table are designed to precisely position patients during medical procedures while allowing unobstructed access for a C-arm imaging system.
C-arms are essentially mobile X-ray machines with a C-shaped gantry that rotates around the patient, capturing real-time X-ray images from various angles.

Picture of a c armMedical C-Arm and C arm table being used together

What are the common types of procedures that are performed with a C-Arm?

Orthopedic Surgery Joint Replacements, Fracture Repair: Like a puzzle master, the C-arm visualizes bone fragments and guides hardware placement, leading to faster healing and minimal complications. Spinal Fusion: No more shaky spines! The C-arm precisely positions screws and rods, stabilizing the spine and relieving pain. Cardiac Catheterization: Think of it as an internal GPS. The C-arm navigates catheters through blood vessels to diagnose and treat heart conditions like blocked arteries. Pain Management: Say goodbye to pain! The C-arm precisely targets injections like epidurals and nerve blocks, providing relief where it’s needed most. Electrophysiology Studies: The C-arm guides this process, helping diagnose arrhythmias and plan treatment.
Angioplasty and Stent Placement: Clogged arteries? No problem! The C-arm guides balloons and stents to open them up, restoring blood flow to the heart.
Medical C-Arm and C arm table being used together

How to choose a C-arm and c-arm table

Choosing the right C-arm and C-arm table requires considering your specific needs and budget. Here’s a quick guide:
1. C-arm:
Imaging modality: Fluoroscopy only, or combined with cone-beam CT? Durabuilt offers both.
Patient weight capacity: Standard or heavy-duty?
Imaging quality: Resolution, image intensifier size, pulsed fluoroscopy for dose reduction.
Mobility: Floor-mounted, mobile, or ceiling-mounted?

2. C-arm table:
Radiolucent tabletop material: Carbon fiber for optimal X-ray penetration. Durabuilt offers a range of options.
Tabletop movement: Tilt, lateral tilt, height adjustment, Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg.
Patient weight capacity: Matches your C-arm.
Additional features: Headrest, leg supports, detachable sections.

Durabuilt Medical:
Consider Durabuilt for their:
Wide range of C-arm and C-arm table options, including fluoroscopy and cone-beam CT systems.
Customizable configurations to meet your specific needs.
Reputation for high-quality equipment and reliable service.

Remember, it’s essential to evaluate your needs and compare options before making a decision. Consult with Durabuilt or a medical equipment specialist for a tailored recommendation.

What is carbon fiber table top on c-arms?

Carbon fiber tabletops: These aren’t your average surfaces. Think superhuman strength meets featherweight grace with a dash of X-ray magic.
Why they’re special:
Unbreakable champions: Carbon fiber shrugs off scratches and dents like a superhero, all while being lighter than wood.
Precision partners: Medical equipment and sensitive machinery love them for their minimal weight and vibration, leading to sharper results.
Modern marvels: The woven pattern screams high-tech, instantly elevating any space from your living room to a sterile surgery suite.
X-ray heroes: In medical settings, they let X-rays pass through for clear imaging, making them crucial for C-arm procedures.

The catch? They come at a premium, but for those who appreciate strength, lightness, and cutting-edge style, carbon fiber tabletops are an investment worth making.