Durabuilt Medical Urology Table : Revolutionizing Urologic Procedures

Design and Comfort: The 56-inch long stationary carbon fiber tabletop of the Urology C-Arm Table is specifically designed for urology, including a bottom cutout that enhances procedural access and comfort. Accommodating bariatric patients is no longer a concern, thanks to its robust design that can support up to 650 lbs. The table’s low attenuation design minimizes scatter radiation, ensuring noticeably better imaging outcomes.

Introduction: In the dynamic world of medical technology, the Durabuilt Medical Urology Table 800 stands out as a beacon of innovation. Designed with precision and patient care in mind, this state-of-the-art urology table is redefining how urologic abdominal cavity image-guided procedures are performed. In this article, we delve into the unique features and capabilities that make the Urology C-Arm Table an essential addition to any modern medical facility.

Enhanced Accessibility and Safety: Understanding the importance of accessibility in medical procedures, the table features a wide front leg stance for optimal patient access and a rear-mounted support base, facilitating unencumbered C-Arm movement. The low profile frontal brake pedal is thoughtfully designed to prevent any C-Arm damage during procedures.

Advanced Control and Customization: Control is at the fingertips of medical professionals with both hand and foot controls, allowing for smooth and efficient operation of all table movements. These controls are intuitive and can be accessed from any point around the table, ensuring quick and safe positioning during procedures. Additionally, the table offers a variety of customization options, including knee crutches or stirrups and standard arm boards with rail clamps, tailoring to the specific needs of each procedure.

Comfort and Safety Features: Patients’ comfort and safety are paramount, and the Urology C-Arm Table addresses these needs with a 2-inch thick premium pad featuring high-density foam and hospital-grade covering. Patient restraints and locking heavy-duty non-marking casters further ensure safety and stability.

Power and Efficiency: Equipped with a power system compatible with both 115 V and 220 V inputs, the table is adaptable to various medical settings. Its efficient power motions include motorized actuation of height, X-Y, lateral roll, and Trendelenburg motions of the tabletop.

Conclusion: The Durabuilt Medical Urology Table is not just a piece of medical equipment; it’s a testament to innovation and patient-centered care in the field of urology. With its cutting-edge features and patient-centric design, this table is setting new standards in medical procedures, ensuring both practitioner ease and patient comfort. It’s an indispensable tool for any medical facility looking to enhance its urological services.

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