Durabuilt ® Single Sided surgery table Armboards

  Part # 77755155 – Single sided carbon fiber Armboard with pad

  • 180º range of motion
  • Carbon fiber arm board
  • Seamlessly slides between the C-arm tabletop and pad for effortless integration.

  • Fully radiolucent
  • Compatible with all tables
  • Lightweight carbon fiber construction

  • No additional mounting or attachment hardware necessary
  • Includes 2″ thick armboard pad
  • Effortless to attach, effortless to remove.

     Carbon Fiber Arm Boards have 180º range of motion and are completely radiolucent with no metal parts to obscure the image. The body of the arm board slides under the table top pad and is held in place by the weight of the patient, and therefore no additional mounting or attachment hardware is necessary. Available in both single and double sided and compatible with all tables. These premium carbon fiber C-arm compatible arm boards are universally designed to seamlessly integrate with all leading brands of C-arm tables, including Biodex, Oakworks Medical, IDI, Surgical Tables Inc, Durabuilt Medical, Morgan Medesign, and many others. Crafted for versatility and durability, these arm boards ensure a perfect fit with a wide range of C-arm tables across the industry.

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