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Let’s Talk About Clinic Productivity

In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, clinic productivity is more important than ever. Every minute counts when it comes to seeing patients, performing procedures, and generating revenue. That’s where Durabuilt Medical comes in. Our medical tables are designed to make your clinic more profitable and more productive by doing more cases. 

Durabuilt Tables: Built for Productivity

Durabuilt tables have a number of unique attributes that make them the best choice for busy clinics. Here are just a few:

    • 650 pounds patient weight capacity: The highest weight limit of any standard pain management C-arm table. This means you can accommodate even your largest patients with ease.
    • 50 months parts and labor warranty: The longest and most comprehensive warranty of any C-arm table. You can be confident that your Durabuilt table will be up and running for years to come.
    • Moves lower than any other medical imaging table with the same movements: This makes it easier and safer to get your patients on and off the table, reducing the risk of injuries. No stool for loading needed equals more cases.
    • Integrated headrest with patient facial cutout: Provides comfort and support for your patients during procedures.
    • 16″ Longitudinal travel: The longest of any pain management C-arm table with a motorized top (option). This gives you more flexibility when positioning your patients.
    • Lowest profile base of any fluoro table (C-arm will not hit the base): This eliminates the most expensive technologist induced damage to the C-arm.
    • Compact design: Takes up less room than any other pain management table – only 80″ long. This is perfect for small clinics or for maximizing space in larger clinics.
    • Long metal-free C-arm compatible imaging area: Ensures clear and unobstructed images.
      • High Resolution, radiolucent, carbon-fiber tabletop: Reduces scatter radiation and improves image quality.
      • 24″ wide carbon fiber top eliminates the need for arm boards: Wider imaging tops are also available.
      • 2″ deluxe radiolucent tabletop pad: Thicker and more comfortable than other pain management table pads.

        The Bottom Line

        Durabuilt Medical tables are an investment in your clinic’s productivity. They will help you see more patients, perform more procedures, and generate more revenue in a safer manner. Contact Durabuilt Medical today to learn more about how our tables can help you take your clinic to the next level.

        In addition to the features mentioned above, Durabuilt tables are also:

          • Easy to clean and disinfect
          • Durable and long-lasting
          • Made with high-quality materials
        • Backed by excellent customer service

        Article by Tony Asbille

        Tony Asbille is an experienced copywriter and content writer specializing in medical articles. He is renowned for his work in ghostwriting and writing medical articles for Durabuilt and various other medical companies.