In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, surgery centers are constantly seeking ways to enhance operational efficiency while minimizing costs. One solution that stands out is the adoption of Durabuilt tables. These durable operating room tables are not just a cornerstone for surgical procedures but also a strategic investment for cost optimization. This article delves into the scientific research underscoring the financial and operational benefits of using Durabuilt tables in surgery centers.

Cost-Effectiveness of Durable Operating Room Tables

A pivotal study by Pham et al. (2011) reveals that using durable overlays on operating tables can lead to significant savings. Specifically, the research shows a reduction in the incidence of pressure ulcers, saving an estimated $46 per patient in hospital and home care costs (Pham et al., 2011). In a similar vein, Bow et al. (2022) highlight the economic efficiency of open-source, durable surgical tables, which can cut costs by up to 98.5% compared to commercial alternatives (Bow et al., 2022).

Efficiency and Operational Benefits

The benefits of Durabuilt tables extend beyond direct cost savings. Bookwalter (1980) emphasizes the operational efficiency achieved through table-fixed retractor systems. These systems can reduce the number of personnel needed in surgeries, particularly crucial in emergency situations (Bookwalter, 1980). Additionally, Hecht et al. (1991) demonstrate the practicality and cost-effectiveness of adaptable, durable table extensions for specific surgical procedures (Hecht et al., 1991).

Long-Term Financial Benefits

Looking at the bigger picture, Yap et al. (2018) conclude that investing in specialized operating rooms equipped with durable equipment like Durabuilt tables is not just a cost-effective move but also a valuable long-term investment (Yap et al., 2018). Furthermore, Stockert and Langerman (2014) discuss how efficient, durable operating room tables can reduce instrument error rates and labor time, contributing to overall cost reduction and improved workflow (Stockert & Langerman, 2014).


In conclusion, Durabuilt tables are more than just surgical equipment; they are a strategic investment for surgery centers aiming to optimize costs and enhance operational efficiency. Backed by solid scientific research, these tables offer significant cost savings, improved operational efficiency, and long-term financial benefits. For surgery centers committed to cutting-edge care and fiscal responsibility, investing in Durabuilt tables is a decision that aligns with both their financial goals and their commitment to patient care.

Article by Tony Asbille

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